Seminars and Workshops

All Fur Fun is proud to host loads of progressive and engaging seminars and workshops that run the gamut from agility, to nose work, to obedience, to behavior, to canine freestyle, and so much more! Please check out any seminar you might find interesting and join us! Auditing spots and working spots are made available for all seminars, though on a limited basis. Please check the individual seminar links for more details.


May 6 – 7 2017,  Michele Pouliot, Canine Freestyle & More, Click for Registration

June 3-4 2017,Karen Deeds 2-Day Rally SeminarRegistration Here

June 10-12 2017, Kyra Sundance “Do More with your Dog”, Kyra’s Page & Registration Info





June 23 2017,Greg Fontaine,Morning-Advanced/Masters Agility Workshop, Registration Here

June 23 2017,Greg Fontaine,Afternoon Running Contacts Workshop, Registration Here

June 24-25 2017,UKI Agility Trial,Agility Trial at AFF,Registration coming soon







July 1-2 2017,Teacup Dog Agility Trial, Registration coming soon

July 14 2017,Chris Tucci,Morning Advanced/Masters Handling Workshop,Register Here

July 14 2017,Chris Tucci,Afternoon International Handling Workshop, Register Here

July 15-16 2017, UKI Agility Trial,Agility Trial at AFF,Registration coming soon








September 23-24 2017,Denise Fenzi, +R Competitive Obedience,Click for Registration







October 7-8 2017, Sarah Stremming, Worked Up!,Click for Registration