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All FUR Fun offers much more beyond training. We are proud to be a one-stop shop that provides for many different needs of our dogs. We encourage and invite you take advantage of the access we provide to publications, canine massage and acupuncture, space rentals for various events, board and train for approved clients, day trains, evaluations, grooming and more!

Our retail is full of food and treats that are sourced from North America and New Zealand with top ratings on Dog Food Advisor. We carry an assortment of toys to entertain any personality, made from durable and rugged materials. If you’re in the market for a new leash, harness, or collar, we provide many styles to outfit your performance dog, puller, or if you just need something neat!

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Service,What’s going on here?
Retail and Pet Food,”Find all the wholesome diets and treats to fill your dog or cat’s belly – and do it with a clean conscience! We believe that sometimes the greatest way you can benefit your animal is to feed it a diet that sets them up to thrive from the inside out. Our staff is continually engaged with furthering our knowledge on pet nutrition.”
Grooming,”We are happy to host Julie Ridenour for grooming here at AFF! She offers appointments as well as will take walk-ins. ”
Canine Massage,”Roberta Kirby is an established and trusted canine massage therapist. She provides services here at AFF throughout the week by appointment as well as providing massage during our UKI agility trials.”
Day Train,”Are you looking for something a little more productive than a doggy daycare? We provide day trains that allow you to quicken the pace that your dog learns when you need the extra help. Life gets busy – we can help!”