Largest Indoor Training Facility in Texas

Largest Indoor Training Facility in Texas

World Class Speakers and Instruction

World Class Speakers and Instruction

Premium diets, toys and more

Premium diets, toys and more

All new students are required to start with our Introduction to Positive Training

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Welcome to All FUR Fun

All FUR Fun has grown to be the largest indoor dog training facility in the state of Texas! We call ourselves “dog trainers” but, in fact, a very small part of the business is training dogs. What we ultimately do is train people how to communicate more effectively with their dogs and puppies. Our mission at All FUR Fun is to provide a place to open the lines of communication and enhance the bond between you and your dog. We want your dog to feel secure, happy, well mannered, and to be a valued member of your household.

Upcoming Events 


Shannon Kiley

Rally FrEe Mini-Seminar

September 25

2pm – 6pm

Come learn about the fun new sport of Rally FrEe! This 4 hr mini-seminar presented by Shannon Kiley will give you a crash course on Rally FrEe. Participants will learn how to teach some of the foundation moves needed, and experience what to expect on a Rally FrEe course. Working and audit spots are available.

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Hannah Branigan

Beyond FUNdamentals

October 1 & 2

In Hannah’s words “The Beyond FUNdamentals seminar is meant to build on the foundation skills covered in Obedience FUNdamentals. It assumes knowledge of the introductory material, and expands on it. We look at different applications for those skills and the next steps to progress forward, polishing and proofing.”

Hannah is an instructor of Karen Pryor Academy and Fenzi Dog Sports Academy in addition to her own company, Wonder Pups Training.

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Karen Deeds, CDBC

Canine Communication

A Guide to Understanding Body Language

October 16


This four hour mini-seminar will give you in-depth insight into how dogs communicate with each other as well as how they interpret what  our body language “says’ to them.  There will be photos, PowerPoint, video, and live demonstrations to help build your understanding of canine communication.  This will be beneficial for ANYONE that owns a dog, shelter volunteers, rescue, grooming, or the veterinary industry.


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Amazing trainers who not only provide "standard" positive training for dogs, but also help with specific issues you and your pup may be stru...
Angie Petersen
Great facility, loads of fun!
Pat Corl
AFF Retail
Great people, awesome facility!
Robin Suzanne Hood
Mignonne, our Borderdoodle (don't laugh) received a great foundation as a puppy from Paula Weir. We miss Emily's Happy Hurdles on Thursday n...
Robin and Randy Foret
Nicolette, SSB
Simply awesome!highly recommended for everyone,you can get great agility training and learn a lot of "how to" things here and it's fun all t...
Gala Kst
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