Upcoming Events

Dog-Dog Group Dynamics
with Sue Sternberg
Aug 8-9 2015

This seminar will cover how to assess dog-dog aggression and dynamics, dog parks and dog daycare, and behavior management.

Agility Skills Seminars
with Melanie Miller
Aug 20-24 2015

Learn from Melanie who offers a unique insight into bettering the communication between you and your agility dog! Days target all levels of all dogs and handlers!

Building Blocks to Advanced Companion Training
with Emily Larlham
July 18-19

Learn how to be a better trainer with Emily Larlham (Kikopup on YouTube) Learn how to use Progressive Reinforcement Training to solve behavior problems in dogs as well as teaching highly complex behaviors and tricks

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July Classes

Reactive Integrative Level 1
July 6-Aug 31
This class is designed to help the owner better understand the dog that displays fear, reactivity, or aggressive behavior.

Handling and Mechanics
July 13-Aug 10
This class is a MUST have for anyone who wants to train their dog and get the best results they can! Timing; reinforcement type, placement, and technique along with good leash skills are vital for helping your dog learn more quickly.

Reactive Integration Level 2
July 19-Sept 6
This class picks up where Level 1 leaves off and gives the participants the opportunity to practice the skills learned in the previous level and to explore the protocols that are most beneficial for your dog.

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Roberta Kirby (K-9 Massage) will be here tomorrow as well as this weekend for the trial. To make appointments, please email her directly at k9sportmassage@aol.com

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All Fur Fun Photos | just mike

Pictures from the June UKI Agility Trial are HERE! We all owe Mike Glass a huge thank you for devoting the time and effort that he does to take..

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