Upcoming Events

Fear and Reactivity Workshop
with Karen Deeds, CDBC
May 9 2015

A one day workshop on fearful and reactive dogs. Learn how to help your dog live in the world!

Canine Athletic Conditioning
May 16-17 2015

Learn new exercises and behaviors that will improve your canine athlete and keep them running long into their golden years!

Conformation Seminar w/ Suzy Olsen
June 27-28

This seminar will give you the skills to bring out the best in your conformation dog!

Agility Skills w/ Stuart Mah
July 23-27

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April Classes

Barn Hunt
Apr 1-May 6
Spend 4 weeks teaching your dog the elements of the fun new sport of Barn Hunt! Teach them to find the rat, indicate, and traverse the hay to get there!

Handling and Mechanics
Apr 6-May 4
Timing; reinforcement type, placement, and technique along with good leash skills are vital for helping your dog learn more quickly. Master these in this class!

Confidence and Conditioning
Apr 13-May 11
This class combines physical exercises with various behavioral protocols to help improve both physical and mental stability.

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Adding on to the video below. This is Vivian with her wee pup, Swing. Is this not THE best?????? Go Vivian!

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This is Vivian doing hand targets with THE DOCTOR. As you can see…Vivian is a kid!…..and she GETS IT! AND….BONUS!….because SHE gets it…so..

22 likes, 3 comments15 hours ago

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