Intro to Agility and Agility Trials
Saturday Sept 6
Always wondered what agility was all about? Have you been training hard and are ready to debut? This is a simple breakdown of the different aspects of trials and the different agility organizations to get you prepared!

Problem Solving
with Denise Fenzi
Oct 4th-Oct 5th

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Upcoming Classes

Family Manners 1
Saturday Sept 6-Oct 11 or
Wednesday Sept 17-Oct 22
Basic manners are taught to get a happy dog in the household!

Who's Walking Whom?
Sept 9-Sept 25
Get a dog who walks WITH you! Happiness on both ends of the leash.

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We don’t usually have a day go by without someone calling AFF about their dog that barks and lunges on leash when seeing another dog (or person)…

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Saturday September 6th at 6pm up here at AFF we will be hosting a simple and sweet intro to Agility and Agility Trials. Ideal for the teams that..

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