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AFF Christmas Party!
Sunday December 21st

Join us for our first big AFF Christmas party! We want to be with the ones we love and show ya'll a good time. Bring drinks, desserts, or a hot dish for a delicious pot luck.
Take home an awesome gift after a White Elephant Gift Exchange!

Sunday Dec 21st at 7pm

January Classes

Jumps n Tunnels
Jan 3-Jan 24
4 weeks of fast courses made up of jumps n tunnels!

Barn Hunt Deconstructed
Jan 7-Jan 28
Barn Hunt is a competitive sport. Teach your dog to master each of the basic facets of the sport to see great success and understanding!

Loose Leash Walking
Jan 8-Jan 29
4 weeks of training loose leash skills through high reinforcement, play, and fun! Beat those distractions and get to enjoy your walks again!

Click here for more classes and more info!

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AFF Raffle – there is still time to get tickets in!! Drawing at 8pm tonight!!

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Nancy – Our Official AFF UKI greeter! Thanks for coming! LOL!

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