Agility is a sport that tests the skills, training, and communication between a handler and their dog. These fundamentals are tested on a timed course that involves performance of a variety of obstacles. A handler will direct their doggy teammate through tunnels, over hurdles, up and over ramps, and a number of other exciting challenges. Dog and handler teams need to rely on behaviors and skills learned during foundations as well as maintenance in their training in order to reach their greatest potential! Once you’ve started down the exciting road of Agility, you’ll find that training and playing this sport become a lifestyle, and not just a hobby!

DSC_1420Our agility classes have everything you need to prepare your dog and yourself. There is absolutely nothing you and your dogs can’t do here in order to prepare for a stunning agility career! We provide all of the agility obstacles including rubber-skinned A-Frame, dog walk, and teeter. A rubber-skinned table is also on the way! We have both channel weaves and two-by-two weave poles for training with that method. Our floor is outfitted with one-inch thick padding in order to protect your dogs joints when executing motions repeatedly during training sessions.

DSC_1701We offer a variety of agility classes here in order to prepare you for an active and competitive career. Some of the classes are on-going, while some are a limited number of weeks. We also host a variety of seminars dedicated to bringing you progressive training methods in order to get the most out of you and your dog!

Below are classes we provide and highly recommend that every agility team participate in. One of the most important things to keep in mind when building an agility team with your dog is that it won’t do any good to have a great agility dog that you can’t live with. So good family manners are the most important, and sometimes the smartest thing to do is to begin with classes that aren’t primarily agility focused. In building those good family manners, you develop a great working relationship with your dog that you build on in agility.

Registration and payment are required to guarantee a spot in class.
A monthly package must be purchased to guarantee a spot in an on-going class.