Day Train

We offer an opportunity for your dog to receive one on one care and training from our instructors here at AFF. It’s an excellent way to keep your dog progressing when life gets a little busy. Day trains are different than board and trains and you must pick them up in the afternoon. This is not overnight care, and this is not doggy daycare. Your dog will work with an instructor on whatever behaviors you have outlined 3-4 times during their stay. They will be walked, played, and trained throughout the day until you pick them up. When you come to get them your instructor will run them whatever exercises were tackled that day, show you how to continue it at home, and give you a progress report on your dog.

This is really a unique opportunity to allow your dog to have positive experiences with new people away from you and from home. Expand their minds, increase their value for “work”, and to have a productive day!

Contact us for more details!