Private Sessions


Day Trains: This option is excellent for those with schedules that are hard to work a private lesson into or even a class. Your dog comes to us in the morning, and you pick them up in the afternoon. During their stay here they will be trained 3-4 times covering behaviors lined out between you and your instructor. Whether you are trying to get ahead of the game in agility or need your dog to work in new environments other than home, this option is very unique and extremely beneficial to your dog while they’re learning. When you pick them up at the end of the day, your instructor will get them out and give you a walk through of the training they covered as well as making sure YOU can practice more at home.

Accelerated Private Lessons (APL’s): Our trainers are available for one-on-one training sessions at our facility to work with you and your dog without the added distraction of other dogs and people. It’s a great way to get more substantial input from a training session that is specifically catered to the needs of your dog and the goals you have set for yourself. Whether it be for agility, obedience, or therapy work, you name it and we are here to help!

Crate Games: This class is a MUST DO for all dogs and is all about teaching your dog about controlling their impulses. We will be building value for the crate as well as teaching your dog impulse control and to understand his new “release” word. A good dog trainer has good “mechanics” and this class will help you improve your mechanics.

This class is scheduled as a private session. There are no ‘set times’ for this special offering and this can be conducted at your home as well. This is a one-hour session which will get you and your dog working as a team!

To schedule a private Crate Games sessions please email