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All FUR Fun has grown to be the largest indoor dog training facility in the state of Texas! We call ourselves “dog trainers” but, in fact, a very small part of the business is training dogs. What we ultimately do is train people how to communicate more effectively with their dogs and puppies. Our mission at All FUR Fun is to provide a place to open the lines of communication and enhance the bond between you and your dog. We want your dog to feel secure, happy, well mannered, and to be a valued member of your household.


Loose Leash Walking


Agility Foundations


And Many More!

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Upcoming Speakers

Suzy Olsen


Dave Kroyer


Sara Brueske


Shade Whitesel

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Upcoming Events

UKI Agility Trial

September 8-9

Come and play, the air conditioned way!

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Teacup Dog Agility Trial

September 22-23

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US Canine Scent Sports Trial

October 27

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