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Shaping good dog behavior, one human at a time!

All Fur Fun has grown to be the largest indoor dog training facility in the state of Texas! We call ourselves “dog trainers” but, in fact, a very small part of the business is training dogs. What we ultimately do is train people how to communicate more effectively with their dogs and puppies. Our mission at All Fur Fun is to provide a place to open the lines of communication and enhance the bond between you and your dog. We want your dog to feel secure, happy, well mannered, and to be a valued member of your household.

By reinforcing wanted behavior, being consistent and fair, we can have a dog or puppy that fits right into the household. Using intelligent, science-based, positive reinforcement techniques, we can form a relationship with our dogs that is satisfactory from both ends of the leash! Whether your interests are in dog agility, obedience, or just for fun training, we’ve got you covered.

We hope to continue to grow so we can more fully benefit the DFW dog-loving community, and to have that dream become a reality! We extend a warm welcome to you and your dog. Thank you for checking out All Fur Fun, where training is BRAIN based….not PAIN based!

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Meet Our Team

Paula Weir

Just like most people that are in the dog business I have loved animals of all types throughout my life. It didn’t actually occur to me until 1999 to “get into” the dog business. In 1999 I got a German Shepherd pup named Samson and wanted to raise him right, train him and have a dog that would be a pleasure to be around. I read everything that I could get my hands on, watched DVD’s, and attended seminar after seminar with the best of the best, positive reinforcement trainers in the world. I somehow found training methods that not only work, but involve no pain or discomfort for the dog. On April 15, 2009 I officially graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy and am now a Karen Pryor CERTIFIED TRAINING PARTNER. This was a very intense training course and I am very proud and honored to be among the first Texas graduating class and only 1 of 4 total that achieved certification. Now, present day, I am sole owner of the largest training center in Texas. How cool is THAT?! We pride ourselves in staying current on training as well as behavior, by reading, attending, and HOSTING the most up-to-date seminars and conferences by the best in world. Wanting to better the lives of people and dogs in a positive way is what keeps us loving our profession.

Karen Deeds

Karen is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant having met the requirements through the IAABC with over 500 hours experience of behavior consulting with clients and attending over 400 hours of coursework, seminars and mentorships related to canine training and behavior. Canine Connection was started in 1994 after Karen worked with a local humane society and quickly realized the need to educate clients on canine behavior. She and her husband Bob now work together and teach group classes, provide private lessons and board & train programs. Karen now specializes in behavior problems including dogs with fearful and aggressive behavior. She has also joined the world of AKC Obedience Competition with her rescued Golden Retriever, Cassidy, who has overcome several serious behavioral problems herself and has now successfully competed at the national level. You may contact Karen directly at to schedule a consultation.

Shannon Kiley

Shannon has been involved in K9 Search and Rescue/Recovery since 2000. She is the K9 Training Director for Recovery Dog Network, a 501c3 non-profit organization that trains and deploys human remains detection canines at the request of law enforcement for missing persons cases. Shannon has certified six of her own dogs (four Dobermans, one terrier mix, and one border collie) under numerous national police K9 certifying organizations, including the North American Police Work Dog Association, accounting for over 35 national certifications. She has responded on search missions throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean and her dogs have many finds to their credit to help bring closure to families. Shannon also competes and holds numerous titles in AKC Obedience & Rally-O, Rally FrEe, and Musical Freestyle with her Dobermans. In 2011, Shannon was the Extreme Mutt Makeover Grand Champion with shelter dog “Jasper,” and in 2012, Shannon was the Reserve Champion with shelter dog “Taffy.” She became known for her creative and fun freestyle routines that were taught in just 6-8 weeks to her once unwanted shelter dogs, making them desirable as fun and beloved family members to their adoptive families. Shannon has been training professionally full-time since 2002 under her business Dobie Detectives Training Academy, helping pet owners solve problem behaviors, teach good manners and skills, and improve relationships. Although scent work has been her specialty for 16 years, Shannon has branched out in a new direction offering Rally FrEe, Boogie Dog Freestyle, and Circus Dog classes as fun ways to build focus, precision, skills, and an outstanding partnership with our four-legged canine buddies. Shannon is a Rally Freestyle Elements Certified Instructor (RFE-CI) and Judge.

Bob Deeds

Bob Deeds retired as a K9 Search Specialist with Texas Task Force One of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Bob and his K9 partner, Kinsey, worked at Ground Zero following the 9/11 attacks, through Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, and Rita. Kinsey was a recipient of the PDSA, Dickin Medal…a British award, the highest award in the world for animal gallantry. In 1996, Kinsey was inducted into the Tarrant County Veterinary Medical Association’s “Hall of Fame”. Bob’s new partners, Gracie (Live Find) & Remi (Human Remains Detection), have taken Bob to most of the disasters, from hurricanes Dolly & Ike through the most recent Texas flood in Wimberly . Bob has also served as an evaluator with FEMA and has certified many of our urban search and rescue dog teams all over the country. Bob continues to mentor new handlers to respond to local and national search and rescue events. Bob Continues to study and attend seminars to keep up-to-date on the newest science based training techniques. He is currently training his Belgian Malinois, Mogens, in a ring/bite sport, Mondioring and enjoys working with the high drive dogs from any discipline.

Cheryl Woolnough

I am often asked the question, “How long have you been training?” I never know exactly how to answer that question. I started training dogs when I was eight years old. After begging my parents for a dog, my father brought home a 6 week old miniature poodle. I checked out every book in the library on dog training and animal behavior. Methods were different back then, but what I figured out was that everyone works for a reward. Whether it’s a paycheck at the end of the month or a tasty morsel after responding to a command, no one works for free. As an adult I became a teacher- of human students. I taught students, using the same principles that I use training dogs- positive reinforcement! As my 2 legged children grew older I returned to my first love, dog training. I trained under a master trainer and became certified. I continually attend workshops, seminars and classes in a quest to expand my knowledge and continue to improve my skills. I also felt the need to give back to our community and Audi the greyhound and I became a therapy team. Our therapy work was recently highlighted on the NBC5 news and in the Dallas Morning News. I would like to welcome you to All Fur Fun. I look forward to helping you learn what motivates your canine companion and assist you in using that knowledge to communicate with that special dog in your life.

Ellen Heavner

I started training dogs when I was 14, and have been practicing, reading, studying, and learning about dogs ever since. Through the decades, I’ve trained and competed in obedience, conformation, and agility, but it wasn’t until I discovered nosework, that I found my true training passion. Riley, my chihuahua, is the 19th dog in the USA to earn the Elite Nose work title in the UKC nosework program. I am currently a judge for the UKC nosework program (Certifying Official) and a judge and CSD (Chief Search Designer) for the USCSS venue. I am still learning and growing in this sport, and truly enjoy sharing everything that I discover.

Brenda Kelly

Brenda, her horses and her dog Luna re-located to the Dallas area in 2008 from Virginia. Brenda came to agility from a life time of athletic pursuits including 35+ years competing and training in the equestrian disciplines of show jumping and dressage as well as being a black belt martial artist and instructor. She possesses a B. S. from Georgetown University in language and linguistics and maintains a professional career directing a national solution engineering team for a leading global software company. As Brenda learned more and more about agility, she loved the mental and physical challenges that the sport presented and her passion for dog agility was born. Luna’s little sister from a repeat breeding, Déjà Vu, joined the family in 2011. Since then, Brenda has had a variety of successes at a regional and national level, medaling multiple times with both dogs at regional events, multiple time GP and Steeplechase national semi-finalists, 26” Grand Prix finalist in 2014, Team Finalists with both dogs at the USDAA Nationals 2015 as well as medaling 3 times with Luna at that event. Brenda and Luna were members of the European Open 2015 world team in Germany and Brenda and Déjà Vu are now a part of the IFCS world team that will be competing in Amsterdam in April. Over the past year, Brenda has been providing 6 week mini-series group sessions and private lessons. She believes strongly in a training process that is positive and full of enthusiasm and fun. She has acquired insights and experiences from a wide variety of talented resources and approaches each team as having unique needs and goals. She is committed to trying to help each team meet those goals and help them on their journey, whatever that may be!

Elizabeth Armstrong

Elizabeth has been around dogs her entire life. Like many other agility competitors, Elizabeth was originally involved in horses, competing in hunter jumping and cross country. She grew up with cocker spaniels as pets, and many times had them doing “broomstick agility” in the backyard. In 1992, Elizabeth was given a gift: Ranger, a young Collie mix and she quickly realized that he needed a job. Elizabeth started him in obedience, but her competitive options were limited with a mixed breed dog. In 1996, she found the sport of dog agility, and was hooked. Over the years, she has titled in various venues with her own dogs in many different jump heights (Zoomer 12”, Buster 16”, Pandemonium 18”, Grissom 22”, Ranger 26”, Riggs 26”), often enjoying success at regional and national events. In 2004 her mix breed Zoomer was a regional Performance Grand Prix winner. With her Border Collie ADCH-Gold, PDCH-Gold, PACH Riggs, Elizabeth was USDAA National Grand Prix semi-finalist in 2005, 2006, 2007. In 2008 & 2009 Riggs was Southeast Regional Performance Grand Prix Champion as well as Performance Grand Prix National Finalist and Performance Speed Jumping National Finalist. The highlight of Riggs’ career was back-to-back National Championships in two organizations: 2009 USDAA Performance Grand Prix World Champion and 2010 AKC Preferred NationalChampion. ADCH-Silver Grissom, was a USDAA National Grand Prix semi-finalist in 2012 & 2013. Elizabeth was honored that Grissom was selected to compete internationally, representing the 2012 IFCS New Zealand World Team and 2015 IFCS Australian World Team. Elizabeth believes in a positive training process, that builds confidence and understanding in the dog and handler as a team.

Stacy Bols

Stacy opened Proof Positive Dog Training in 2007. She has 15 years of dog training experience and more than 7 years of agility training experience. Stacy has competed successfully with both large and small dogs in various venues over the course of her competitive career. Her Novice A dog, Kramer, a Miniature Schnauzer, did not start agility training until the age of 8. He still managed to finish his MACH and ADCh prior to retiring. In the process, Kramer and Stacy was also USDAA National Grand Prix semi-finalist in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Krusher is Stacy’s 2nd agility dog and is a dual venue champion being the first miniature schnauzer in all of USDAA to achieve ADCh-Gold and LAA-Gold and has also completed his MACH 7. Stacy and Krusher was a member of the 2014 IFCS World Team representing the United States in the Netherlands, 2011 AKC Agility Nationals 12” Finalist, the #6 Schnauzer in 2010 AKC TopDogs rankings and participated in the 2011 AKC Invitational also making the finals in Orlando, Florida. Krusher also attended the 2011 AKC World Team Tryouts. In 2012 Stacy and Krusher attended USDAA Cynosports Nationals and were a finalist in Performance Grand Prix finishing 4th overall. Kassie, Stacy’s rescue Border Collie was a 2011 & 2013 AKC Agility National 20” Finalist and a 2010 and 2012 USDAA National Steeplechase semi-finalist. Kassie is also a dual venue champion MACH 2, PACH and an ADCh-Bronze LAA-Bronze. Kermit is Stacy’s current miniature schnauzer who is just starting her agility career. Stacy is focused on helping each team reach their goals by helping them maximize the skill set of both the dog and handler have at their disposal. She has trained with some of the greats such as Linda Mecklenburg, Marcus Topps, Daisy Peel, Susan Garrett and Silvia Trkman. Her main goal is to troubleshoot each team and create a custom approach for getting the most out of both. She has trained both stopped 2 on 2 off contacts and running contacts via the Silvia Trkman method.

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