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Positive reinforcement based training is an approach where you reward the good stuff! By using a high rate of reinforcement and play, our dogs learn to offer wanted behaviors. Using positive reinforcement based training strengthens the bond you have with your dog, and makes your dog anticipate interacting with you. The possibilities are truly endless when the student loves to learn! Our classes provide you with opportunities to teach your dog how to handle themselves in a variety of scenarios. Bringing your dog to a class gives you both a chance to practice new behaviors in novel environments and situations which are difficult to stage on your own. We want to help you prepare your dog for life by teaching them the skills they’ll need no matter what you’re doing! When you know better – you do better!

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Introduction to Positive Training

All new clients and students must attend our Introduction to Positive Training class. It is a humans-only introduction to the methods we use here to teach our dogs.

Puppy Classes

These are ongoing puppy classes with a rolling curriculum that will address common puppy issues. Our puppy classes are for pups 8 weeks to 18 weeks of age.

Family Dog

Family dog classes are geared for dogs and families new to training and want to teach their dog how to be the best dog they can be.

Obedience and Rally

We offer classes from foundation skill building to specified behavior training for dog and handler teams interested in competition obedience and rally.

Agility Classes

Our agility classes cover foundation skills to international coursework in the largest indoor agility training facility in Texas.


Nosework exercises a dog’s most powerful muscle – it’s nose! Learn how to develop your dog’s independence and indication in their search for the scent!

Behavior Classes

These classes are designed to help the owner better understand the dog that displays fear, reactivity, or aggressive behavior.

Just For Fun

While we know that performance classes and practical training is important, we also know that sometimes you have to let loose and just have some fun!

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