Nosework is a fun, new dog sport in which your dog is taught to sniff out certain essential oil odors, such as birch, anise and clove. Nosework is great for teaching timid dogs confidence, is an excellent way to exercise high energy dogs without wearing you out, and is a low impact workout for older dogs. Because sniffing uses twenty percent of the dog’s brain, it is an extremely rewarding activity for all dogs. It can also be done almost anywhere, with a minimum of equipment: inside, outside, small spaces, large spaces.  Step into your dog’s world by learning more about how he perceives objects through scent!

Our nosework program is innovative and exciting and many of our students enjoy competing in UKC and NACSW trials, and are very successful. Already competing? Our facility has the best interiors searching in the DFW area. We have 14 interior rooms that can be used for varying challenges at all levels.

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A monthly package must be purchased to guarantee a spot in an on-going class.

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