Canine Communication with Karen Deeds, CDBC

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  • April 11, 2021


It's not all about TRAINING your dog! Sounds odd coming from a dog trainer, right? We know that it's all about TWO-WAY Communication.

Do you know what your dog is trying to tell you??? Karen Deeds, CDBC, is our expert on that, and will be sharing the DOG'S side of the communication with 2 seminars at All FUR Fun Training and Event Center (in Addison), on Sunday, April 11.

There is a morning session from 9am - 1pm, and afternoon session from 3pm - 7pm.

Great for rescues and shelters who adopt out dogs or anyone adding a new dog to their home. Learn how to help make a new dog more comfortable in their new environment.

Every person that has a dog in the family, every person that works with dogs, every person that has seen a dog in a PICTURE, needs to learn to understand "dog!" Q&A following the Powerpoint Presentation.

All FUR Fun Training and Event Center, 15559 Wright Brothers Drive, Addison, TX 75001 - More info:

AM Session 9am-1pm -

PM Session 3pm - 7pm -